A hairy week for Nancy Pelosi

By Edward Achorn

It seems a small matter: breaking the rules at a hair salon. But such incidents often have sticking power. They are packed with symbolism.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi often lectures the public about wearing masks. She supports locking down small businesses. But this week Americans could see that she did not practice what she preaches.

A security tape Monday captured Ms. Pelosi during a VIP visit to a shuttered hair salon in San Francisco, ESalonSF, for a wash and a blow-out. The politicians in her home city of San Francisco have imposed lockdown dictates that bar clients from being served indoors.

Not only did the 80-year-old politician violate the rules, she declined to wear a mask indoors.

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Canceling the debates

By Edward Achorn

Will the raging cancel culture now cancel the presidential debates? A former press secretary to Bill Clinton hopes so.

Joe Lockhart argued the other day that Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden should not participate in any forum in which President Trump can express his views.

“We saw in the debates in 2016 Hillary Clinton showed a mastery of the issues, every point she made was more honest and bested Trump,” Mr. Lockhart told CNN. “But Trump came out of the debates doing better I think because he just kept repeating the same old lies: ‘we’re going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it,’ ‘we’re going to keep all those Mexican rapists out of the country,’ and ‘we’re going to make great trade deals’ — none of these things have come to pass.”

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Stop destroying children’s lives

By Edward Achorn

The science is crystal clear. Children should return to school in the fall. They are remarkably safe from catching COVID-19 and from spreading it.

Cheating them of an education and social development again this fall would be incredibly cruel.

Yes, the news media have scared many people out of their wits. Polls find many parents are terrified of sending children to school. Teachers unions and other political entities hope, as always, to exploit these fears to advance their own interests.

But I pray it is still possible for parents and leaders to muster enough courage and decency to focus on children. Young Americans need thoughtful and well-informed adults on their side.

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